1938-39 ABL Basketball Troy Haymakers vs New York Jewels program

The Troy Haymakers was a one year team in the American Basketball League (ABL) (1938-39 season).  Following their first season, they became the Troy Celtics before moving to Brooklyn and becoming the Brooklyn Celtics.

Carl Husta was the first player coach in the franchise’s first season in the ABL.  Husta had been a member of the New York Original Celtics in the 1920’s as well as the Cleveland Rosenblums.  He also played Major League baseball with the Philadelphia Athletics. Marty Friedman (HOFer) would replace him later during that season.

The team would feature (in addition to Husta), basketball pioneers such as Joe Polcha, Moe Dubilier (who also played professional football with the NY Yanks), Si Boardman (a Jewish star out of NYU) who would also play for the Philadelphia Sphas and Baltimore Clippers,  Fred Stanton, Al Kellet who also played for the Philadelphia Athletics and Boston Red Sox in the Major Leagues, Jim Brown out of Temple who would play for Kingston and the Detroit Eagles in the NBL,  Jewish Star from the Lower East Side and out of DeWitt Clinton (where some of the best NY playground hoopsters came out of) Moe Frankel, and Max Posnack who was part of St. John’s “Wonder Five”

Troy would beat the New York Jewels 28-24.  The Jewels were led by future HOFer – John “Honey” Russell. 

There is a fold going down the center (most likely from being in a fan’s back pocket), but overall NR MT condition.  SUPER RARE early basketball program.

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1938-39 ABL Basketball Troy Haymakers vs New York Jewels program