1943 American League Season Pass Ticket – George Kell Rookie Debut

Offered is a 1943 American League Season Pass to All Parks (in the American league) that measures approximately 4” x 2.5” in size. Issued to Earle W. Moss (who published the Baseball Blue Book from 1934 until he sold the company in 1962). Facsimile signed on front by Baseball HOFer & by AL President, William Harridge.

“Some 200 major leaguers were inducted into the military, four times as many as the year before. Minor leaguers who had no business being in the majors were there anyway, while common players who had no business being All-Stars were nonetheless becoming them. For many, the thrills would be a short-lived experience. To wit: Guy Curtright, a rookie for the Chicago White Sox, hit in 26 straight games to establish an American League rookie record and finished fifth in the league with a .291 batting average. By the time baseball returned to full strength in 1946, Curtright—who ideally should have been in his prime—would be reduced to a bench player and, a year later, be completely gone from the game.

The majors’ gain in filling up the rosters continued to be the minor leagues’ loss. Crippled by a shortage of talent, only nine minor leagues finished the season in 1943—down from 26 the year before. Major league farm systems were also vanishing; the St. Louis Cardinals’ prodigious minor league network shriveled to a mere six teams, while the White Sox wouldn’t have a single minor league affiliation for three straight years starting in 1943.” Credit to - thisgreatgame.com

Rookie Debuts by future Baseball Hall of Famer:  George Kell

Rookie Debuts by future stars: Don Black, Tommy Byrne, John McHale, Ox Miller, Stubby Overmire, Aaron Robinson, Ken Sears, George Stirnweiss, Gene Woodling, and Al Zarilla.

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1943 American League Season Pass Ticket – George Kell Rookie Debut