1945 Oshkosh All Stars vs Youngstown Bears Scorecard Program Press Maravich

The Oshkosh All-Stars were a professional basketball team based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. From 1937 to 1949 they played in the National Basketball League, a forerunner to the NBA. The team appeared in the NBL finals five consecutive years (1938-1942), winning twice. The All-Stars also won the 1942 World Professional Basketball Tournament over the Detroit Eagles in Chicago

In 1931 Frank Kautsky, an Indianapolis grocer, formed a professional basketball team and named it the Indianapolis Kautskys. After playing in the National Professional Basketball League (1932-33) and the Midwest Basketball Conference (1935-37), in 1937 the Kautskys became one of the original members of the National Basketball League (NBL). The team was one of four (along with the Minneapolis Lakers, Rochester Royals, and Fort Wayne Pistons) that jumped to the BAA for the 1948–49 season. At that time the team's name was changed to the Indianapolis Jets because the BAA did not allow its teams to have commercial sponsors.

The Youngstown Bears played for two seasons (1945-1947) in the NBL (National Basketball League). During the team’s first season, the squad finished third in the the National Basketball League’s Eastern Division. The team won thirteen and lost twenty games. During the 1946-1947 season, the Youngstown Bears finished last in the Eastern Division, amassing twelve wins and thirty-two losses. Due to the team’s poor performance, the Youngstown Bears disbanded at the end of the season.

We offer a scorecard that measures 8.25” x 11” from Saturday December 29, 1945.  The All Stars beat the Youngstown Bears by a score of 59-50 at the South Park Junior High Gym in Wisconsin. Bob Carpenter of the All-Stars led his team in the win while Frankie Baumholtz (misspelled on the scorecard) led the Bears in points in this loss.  Oshkosh featured players such as Fred Rehm, Gene Englund, Bob Carpenter, Ted Fritsch (who also played for the NFL’s Green Bay Packers), Bud Engdahl, Clint Wagner, Eddie Riska, and Lefty Edwards.  Youngstown featured Paul Birch (who was later a coach with the Ft. Wayne Pistons and the Pittsburgh Ironmen), Frankie Baumholtz (who also played Major League baseball), Press Maravich (Pete’s dad – misspelled on the scorecard as P. Narravich), Moe Becker (who had a long professional basketball career and was a member of the Pittsburgh Iornmen as well as the first year Boston Celtics), Irv Brenner, and Huck Hartman.  The scorecard features early pro star, Warner “Bud” Engdahl at the top.  This has been folded, but in great shape! Unscored! Super RARE!!!!

Note - we've watermarked the scan to prevent reproduction (the actual program is not watermarked)

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1945 Oshkosh All Stars vs Youngstown Bears Scorecard Program Press Maravich