1949 Ruth Steinhagen, "The Girl Who Shot Eddie Waitkus" Original TYPE 1 photo in Court

A 19-year-old typist at the time of the incident, Steinhagen had developed an obsession with Waitkus after seeing him play as first baseman with the Chicago Cubs. According to a 1949 Time magazine article, she had seen him play in 1946, although John Theodore's 2002 biography of Waitkus indicates she later told her doctor she first saw Waitkus on April 27, 1947.

While she never actually met him during that time, at home she created a "shrine" to Waitkus with hundreds of photographs and newspaper clippings, often spreading them out and looking at them for hours, according to her mother. She would even set an empty place across from her at dinner for Waitkus. Since the ballplayer was from the Boston area, she developed a craving for baked beans, and, because Waitkus was of Lithuanian descent, she even studied Lithuanian for a time.

She told her doctors, after the incident, "I used to go to all the ball games to watch him. We used to wait for them to come out of the clubhouse after the game, and all the time I was watching I was building in my mind that idea of killing him” In 1948, Steinhagen's family sent her to a psychiatrist, but her obsession didn't diminish, even after Waitkus was traded to Philadelphia. After the shooting, police found extensive clippings in her suitcase and even pictures papering the ceiling of her bedroom

Offered is a 1949 Eerie and artistic photograph (measuring 5” x 7.5”) of Ruth Steinhagen as she appeared in court for the first time after shooting baseball star Eddie Waitkus. The event would shock the sports world at the time and go down in history as the inspiration for the book and film "The Natural". This is a beautiful example in great shape, issued by the International News and stamped on the back with some nice artistic enhancements done for publication.

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1949 Ruth Steinhagen, "The Girl Who Shot Eddie Waitkus" Original TYPE 1 photo in Court