1949 St. Louis Bombers vs. Boston Celtics NBA Basketball program

Offered is a gorgeous rare home program from the first year of the NBA of the St. Louis Bombers (their last year in existence) hosting the Boston Celtics.  The Bombers would play the Celtics at home twice that season (December 4, 1949 and January 4, 1950).  However, there is an ad in the program promoting Sonja Henie (of ice skating fame) coming to the arena in St. Louis December 9 – 18th.  This program dates from the December 4, 1949 game.

The program features articles and pictures.  Including a team photo of the Bombers and head coach, Grady Lewis (who would become the inventor of the low-top Chuck Taylor converse sneaker).  All pages intact with no writing.  There are some rust stains from the staples and some aging/wear to the program, but otherwise fine.  St. Louis featured, Red Rocha, Easy Parham, Johnny Logan, Mac Otten, Johnny Orr, and future HOFer – Easy Ed Macauley.  Boston was coached by HOFer, Alvin “Doggie” Julian and featured, Tony Lavelli, Joe Mullaney, Sonny Hertzberg, George Kafton, and Jim Seminoff.

The Bombers would reach the .500 mark that night beating the Celtics 85-78.  John Logan and  Belus Smawley divided 34 points evenly to lead the Bombers to their 9th victory.  These games were generally poorly attended.

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1949 St. Louis Bombers vs. Boston Celtics NBA Basketball program