1994 Signature Rookies Gold Standard Hall of Fame /2500 Connie Hawkins AUTO Signed

During his freshman year at the University of Iowa, Connie Hawkins was expelled from school due to his alleged involvement in a point-shaving scandal that had started in New York City. Hawkins’ name surfaced in an interview conducted with an individual who was involved in the scandal. While some of the conspirators and characters involved were known to or knew Hawkins, none - including the New York attorney at the center of the scandal, Jack Molinas - had ever sought to involve Hawkins in the conspiracy. Hawkins had borrowed $200 ($2,000 in current dollar terms) from Molinas for school expenses, which his brother Fred repaid before the scandal broke in 1961. Despite the fact that Hawkins could not have been involved in point-shaving (as a freshman, due to NCAA rules of the time, he was ineligible to participate in varsity-level athletics), he was expelled from Iowa. He was effectively blackballed from the college ranks as no NCAA or NAIA school would offer him a scholarship.  

He would end playing for the Pittsburgh Rens of the ABL, Harlem Globetrotters, Pittsburgh/Minnesota Pipers of the ABA; before suing the NBA so he could play for the Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks during his career . He was a four-time NBA All-Star (1970-1973), ABA champion (1968), ABA Playoffs MVP (1968), ABA MVP (1968), All-NBA First Team (1970), two-time All-ABA First Team (1968, 1969), ABA All-Star (1968), and was named to the ABA All-Time Team. His No. 42 jersey was retired by the Phoenix Suns.

Offered is a 1994 Signature Rookies Gold Standard Hall of Fame basketball card (edition of 2500).  These were supposed to be numbered, but this came directly from the family.  We purchased a group that were never sent in.  Hand signed by the Hawk himself.

Card is EX-MT and we’d give the sig a 9 out of 10.

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1994 Signature Rookies Gold Standard Hall of Fame /2500 Connie Hawkins AUTO Signed