Circa 1928-33 Official National League NL South Atlantic Baseball (Bramham)

This official circa 1928-33 Official National League (William G. Bramham) Spalding baseball derives from baseball player, Dick Hoblitzell’s collection and was game used.  Braham was the league president of the South Atlantic (Sally) League from 1924-30. This would match up with Dick’s time with the Charlotte Hornets during the 1929-30 seasons. Evidently, the Sally League didn’t create their own stampings other than using the league president’s facsimile signature. Nice wear, rare specimen!

About Dick Hoblitzell –

Dick Hoblitzell started his career off with the Cincinnati Reds from 1908-14 and then closed his career out with the Boston Red Sox from 1914-1918 when he was drafted into World War I. During his time with the Red Sox, he roomed with Babe Ruth on the road and became a two-time World Series Champion in 1915 and 1916.

When he came back from World War I, he played and/or coached/managed in the Minor Leagues until 1931.  Many of the minor League’s actually used American or National League baseballs and then had their own stampings put on the balls with their particular league President.

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Circa 1928-33 Official National League NL South Atlantic Baseball (Bramham)