Alex Rodriguez Circa 2002 Original Photo Seattle Mariners

Alex Rodriguez made his Major League Baseball debut with the Seattle Mariners on July 8, 1994, at the age of 18, becoming one of the youngest players in MLB history. He quickly established himself as a rising star, showcasing exceptional hitting ability and defensive prowess at shortstop.

In 2000, Rodriguez signed a record-breaking contract with the Texas Rangers, making him one of the highest-paid players in baseball history at the time. During his tenure with the Rangers, Rodriguez continued to put up impressive numbers, including multiple seasons with 50 or more home runs and over 100 RBIs.

In 2004, Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees, where he shifted to third base to accommodate Derek Jeter. He became a key player for the Yankees, helping lead the team to several postseason appearances.

Throughout his career, Rodriguez earned numerous accolades, including 14 All-Star selections, three American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards (2003, 2005, 2007), and ten Silver Slugger Awards. He also won the World Series with the Yankees in 2009.

Offered is an original photo that measures 4” x 6” in size from one of his legendary Home Run leading seasons in the Major Leagues taken by photographer, Mel Bailey on Kodak paper.  Mel sent some of his photos out to labs (which would have date stamped); while others he developed in his own dark room.  The photographs that he personally developed did not have date stamps. As of this listing, PSA will not grade modern era photos as TYPE 1 without any dated markings; however, we can assure you that this was developed on period Kodak paper and was in the same files of A-Rod photos that Mel kept of A-Rod (with and without dated stamps).

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Alex Rodriguez Circa 2002 Original Photo Seattle Mariners