Autograph Authenticity of Items in Albersheim’s Auctions:
Every single autographed item that appears in an Albersheim’s LLC Auction (including group lots), is first extensively reviewed by industry autograph expert Richard Albersheim of Albersheim’s LLC.

Regardless of any letters of authenticity that may already accompany an autographed item in an auction,
all items are first reviewed by Richard Albersheim for authentication.

In reviewing each signature for authentication, Albersheim’s LLC uses a multi-level authentication process to provide peace of mind to our clients. It includes but is not limited to:

A. Autograph Analysis
B. Ink/Medium Scrutiny
C. Object Evaluation
D. Exemplar Comparisons
E. Item Provenance
F. Additional Consultation with Autograph Experts

Following the above authentication process, an autograph is deemed as genuine or not genuine:

  1. If Albersheim’s LLC does not approve the autograph as genuine (regardless of any third party Letters of Authenticity that may already accompany the item), such item IS NOT INCLUDED in any auction and/or sale.
  2. If Albersheim’s LLC approves the autograph as genuine, that item will be included in auctions and will be accompanied by an Albersheim’s LLC Letter of Authenticity.

“I do my best to scrutinize each and every piece of autographed memorabilia that Albersheim’s LLC sells. If I wouldn’t personally own the item as part of my collection, I won’t sell it.” - Rich Albersheim

Any additional third party LOA that comes with an autographed item in an Albersheim’s LLC auction will be listed in the item description.

Should you need further authentication of an autographed item (prior to bidding), Albersheim’s LLC encourages interested bidders/clients to utilize the photographs available in the catalogue (web site or printed) and or consult with autograph experts of your choice before bidding and/or making a purchase.

Albersheim's LLC 60-Day Return Policy on Autograph Items Only
Albersheim’s LLC offers a 60-day return policy for authenticity disputes of each item offered at auction. To make an authenticity claim under this policy, the original purchaser of record must abide by the following guidelines:

  1. The refund policy applies solely to the original purchaser of record from the auction or online store and may not be transferred to any third party.
  2. Albersheim’s LLC must be notified within sixty days of the close of the auction or store purchase for an authenticity dispute.
  3. The buyer must provide a written letter of rejection by an independent and recognized expert in the field. Approved authentication experts include: PSA/DNA, JSA, Beckett, and SGC. (Please note that any third party authentication fees associated with a rejection letter will not be a part of the refund amount and are the sole responsibility of the original purchaser of the item). A rendering of non-opinion or an "unable to render an opinion" made by a 3rd party authenticator will not qualify as a verifiable opinion one way or another.
  4. The lot must be returned to Albersheim’s LLC in the same condition as it was on the auction end date.
  5. Albersheim’s LLC reserves the right to consult with respected third party authenticators to settle a dispute.
  6. Albersheim’s LLC and its agents will be the sole determinants of the authenticity of each and every piece sold. We are not bound by the opinion of grading services, third-party authenticators, or experts.
  7. The guarantee does not extend to the description of a lot condition due to the subjective nature of such evaluations.
  8. Refunds will be issued for the original bid price and buyer’s premium associated with that specific item only. A shipping refund will only be applied if the original purchase was a single item. If you bought 2 or more items and a refund is made, shipping will not be included. If a returned item was part of a larger group lot (i.e. - returning one item out a lot of 30), this will be handled on a case by case basis. At Albersheim’s LLC sole discretion, it may extend the amount of refund, if necessary.

Trading Card Authentication
Please Note: All description references to PSA Population Reports, PSA SMR values, and PSA or SGC Set Registry rankings are accurate at the time the catalogue description is composed, and bidders are advised that this information is subject to change at any time.

Grading, condition, authenticity, and warranty of lots: There is a subjectivity to grading - especially the grading of cards. Every effort is made to verify the condition of each lot as described. We do not accept material for auction without careful scrutiny by not only ourselves, but, when necessary, by other leading authenticators. We cannot guarantee that every card described by us will receive exactly the same grade, or even be accepted for grading, by third party grading services. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that every card graded by one third party grading service will in all cases receive exactly the same grade by another third party grading service. No warranty, whether expressed or implied, is made with respect to any grade, condition, or description, which can and do vary, even among experts.

Albersheims 60-Day Return Policy - Game Used – Game Worn – Game Issued – Equipment
All items deemed as “game used” or “game worn” are extensively researched. When a piece is not directly sourced from the player or player’s family, we do our due diligence to try and determine wear and/or usage of an item that would represent usage attributed to the particular athlete. We do our best to research and find photo matches to the particular item or style.

All items that fall under this category will come with a Letter of Authenticity from Albersheim’s LLC. If there’s a player letter or a letter of provenance, this will be included with the lot along with any documentation from 3rd party authenticators. This will be mentioned in our printed catalogue or online catalogue.

Our policy for game used/worn equipment is the same standard policy as our autograph authenticity policy.

Approved authenticators include: MEARS (jerseys), John Taube (bats), and Dennis Eskin (gloves).