Babe Ruth Signed Autographed GPC Government Postcard PSA/DNA

In the course of the 20th Century, the most famous man on the planet would have to be Babe Ruth. With that fame came great power and the Sultan of Swat loved his adoring fans.  In the annals of history; we’ve never heard of ‘ol George Herman Ruth turning down a request for an autograph.  However, despite the fact that he was always an obliging autograph signer; we can count on 2 hands how many autographed Government postcards that we’ve seen publicly offered over the course of our 4 decade collecting hobby.

This penny postcard dates from two dates.  The postcard was first postmarked in Chicago on August 26, 1938 and then postmarked again on August 27, 1938 when it most likely reached the enterprising autograph collector where this was delivered in St Joseph, Missouri.

After retiring after the 1935 season, Ruth kept busy with public appearances and lots of golf.  He was waiting for his opportunity to become a Major League Manager, but none of the owners would give him a chance; frustrated with this lifestyle; the Babe took the Brooklyn Dodgers offer to become their first base coach in 1938. 

What makes this particular piece really cool is that the Babe signed his name in bold steel tipped pen which we would rate on the conservative side as a 9 out 10 and filled out his full address of  173 Riverside Drive New York City where the Babe lived from 1929 through the 1940’s. 

You can read an article about his place on Riverside Drive in the New York Post


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Babe Ruth Signed Autographed GPC Government Postcard PSA/DNA