Baltimore Bullets vs. Williamsport Billies February 15, 1959 EPBL Eastern League Basketball Program

The Baltimore Bullets were an American basketball team based in Baltimore, Maryland that was a member of the Eastern Professional Basketball League. The Bullets played in the Eastern League for three seasons, and its roster of players included former University of Kentucky star, Ralph Beard, Dwight “Red” Morrison (played for the Celtics and the 1957 Hawks NBA Championship team), former NBA All-Star with the Cincinnati Royals – Richie Regan, and Ronnie Shavlik (1956-58) Knicks, Ken Murray (played in the NBA with the Bullets, Ft. Wayne Pistons, and Philadelphia Warriors).  Arnie Risen (who is a member of the Naismith Basketball HOF). They were coached by future HOFer – Buddy Jeannette.

The Williamsport Billies were a professional basketball team based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, that played in the Eastern Professional Basketball League (EPBL) during the 1950s. The EPBL was a minor professional basketball league that operated primarily in the Northeastern United States.

The Williamsport Billies were one of the founding members of the EPBL when the league was established in 1946. The team was named after the city of Williamsport and had its home games at the Williamsport High School Gymnasium.

Williamsport featured on their roster – Jack Molinas (1953 NBA first round pick who was selected to the All-Star game in his rookie year, but didn’t play as he was thrown out of the league for rigging games), Chet Forte (Columbia) and the first Director of Monday Night Football, Julius McCoy (who was one of the best players in the league – 6 X all-star), Bo Erias (who played on the 1957-58 Minneapolis Lakers), and Floyd Lane (who was caught up in the CCNY basketball scandals). The team was coached by Harry (Bobby) Sand – who was run out of college basketball (he was the assistant coach on the 1949-50 CCNY basketball team that was one of the greatest disgraced teams in history)

Program has no writing, cut pages, missing pages, tight binding.  It has been folded by the original fan.  Otherwise, gorgeous.

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Baltimore Bullets vs. Williamsport Billies February 15, 1959 EPBL Eastern League Basketball Program