JW James Walter Spalding Signed AJ Reach Document D. 1931 A.G. Spalding

JW James Walter Spalding (D. 1931)is the brother of Baseball HOF’er A.G. Spalding, the father of famous composer Albert Spalding, and heir to the Spalding Sporting Goods fortune, H. Boardman Spalding. When you see the logo, A.G. Spalding & Brothers, JW is the brothers part of the company name. The company was founded in Springfield Massachusetts by Albert G. Spalding and his brother, J.W. Spalding, in 1876, with a capital of $800. The business title, A.G. Spalding and Brother, was changed in 1878 to A.G. Spalding and Brothers when they were joined by W.T. Brown, a brother-in-law. Not that the formal title has mattered for many years because everybody speaks and thinks of "Spaldings" and sports equipment as synonymous terms. The company standardized early baseballs and developed the modern baseball bat with the bulge at its apex. In 1892, Spalding acquired Wright & Ditson and A. J. Reach, both rival sporting goods companies. When Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891, Spalding made the first basketballs, and in 1894 the first golf balls, and thereafter the first footballs and the first tennis balls ever made in the United States.

We offer a super rare document appointing H. Boardman Spalding (his son) as his attorney to represent him at the A.J. Reach annual sotckholder’s meeting in 1926. Measures 8.5 x 11 in size. Signed in black fountain pen. RARE!!!

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JW James Walter Spalding Signed AJ Reach Document D. 1931 A.G. Spalding