Johnny Broaca Signed 1935 NY Yankees Contract – Harridge

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Johnny Broaca, in his rookie season with the 1934 New York Yankees, went 12-9 as a starter with an ERA of 4.16. In 1935, he went 15-7 with an ERA of 3.58 and in 1936, the year the Yankees won the World Series, Broaca was 12-7 with an ERA of 4.24. In 1937 after starting the season with a disappointing 1-4 record, Broaca mysteriously jumped the team. His hiatus from baseball also included the entire 1938 season. It was rumored at the time that Broaca's wife was involved in affairs with a number of his Yankee teammates. In 1939 Broaca came back to professional baseball with the Cleveland Indians for what would be his last season. He was used primarily as a reliever and went 4-2 appearing in 22 games. After a brief stint as a professional boxer, Yale graduate Johnny Broaca returned to his hometown of Lawrence, Ma. He worked the rest of his life as a common laborer for the City of Lawrence, allegedly to prevent his ex wife from receiving any alimony. For more about his life, this is a a must read -

This is Broaca's 1935 player's contract for $5,000. It's dated April 2, 1935 and is signed by Broaca ("10") and A.L. President Will Harridge ("8-9"), as well as initialed by Yankees Business Manager Ed Barrow, who also signed Jacob Ruppert's name on behalf of the Yankees. His autograph is seldom found and this is a contract from one of the more interesting players in Yankees history!

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Johnny Broaca Signed 1935 NY Yankees Contract – Harridge