Wallace A. Carlson Tom Meany multi-signed 1955 Arch Ward Funeral Guest Book Page

As a beloved sports editor for the Chicago Tribune, Arch Ward certainly had an impressive guest list at his funeral. This guest book, signed by over a thousand attendees includes signatures from Harry Stuhldreher and Elmer Layden (of the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame), Joe Stydahar, Paddy Driscoll, Elmer Otto, Ollie Matson, Fred Lindstrom, Gabby Hartnett, William Harridge, Charles Comiskey, Tom Meany, and many more.

Offered is just one page from that guest book. The more notable signatures on this page include the following:

Wallace A. Carlson (D. 1967) was a pioneering American animator and comic strip artist based in Chicago. Known to his friends as Wally Carlson, he usually signed his work as Wallace Carlson.

Benny Yanger (D. 1956) was a featherweight boxer and was the referee of the Mickey Walker vs. Tiger Flowers title fight.

Dick Dozer (D. 1994) was a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune.

Cooper Rollow (D 2013) was a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune.

Tom Meany (D. 1964) was a sportswriter who began his writing career in 1922, where he was recruited to write for the New York Journal. Throughout his career, Meany worked for several newspapers, including the Brooklyn Daily Times, New York World-Telegram, New York Star and the Morning Telegraph. He was awarded the J. G. Taylor Spink Award by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in 1975.

Nick Etten (D. 1990) was a baseball player from 1938 – 1947 including three years with the Yankees during that time (1943 World Series champs).

The signatures range from 8 - 10/10. The page measures 6.5” x 8.” Included with this item is a copy of the full LOA from PSA/DNA that covered the overall funeral book.

Note: The more notable signatures have been boxed in red on the scan, but the red boxes are not present on the actual page.

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Wallace A. Carlson Tom Meany multi-signed 1955 Arch Ward Funeral Guest Book Page