Warren Peace Newark Eagles Negro League Baseball Original TYPE 1 photo

From the SABR website:

“Peace’s first year in professional baseball was 1945. He had an opportunity as a starting pitcher that season because so many players were in the service. He pitched for the Newark Eagles that year and reported putting up an enviable 15-5 record. The Seamheads database, however, shows him as 0-1. And the one game they show him as pitching was a disaster — eight innings, hitting one batter, walking five, and surrendering 14 base hits. He did strike out two, but was charged with 13 runs. How can such a discrepancy be reconciled? Negro Leagues researcher Gary Ashwill reports that Seamheads includes only statistics based on actual box scores. Needless to say, press coverage of Negro Leagues games is spotty under the best of conditions and the country was still embroiled in World War II for most of the 1945 season. He also notes, regarding the 15-5 record in 1945, that “the Eagles would certainly have played at least as many games against independent, semipro, and minor-league opponents as they did against Negro league teams, so there would have been plenty of opportunities for Peace to rack up wins against them. And it was typical for a team’s second-line pitchers to soak up innings in those games.” Ashwill also opined that it’s possible Peace exaggerated a bit in self-reporting the 15-5 mark.

Peace was almost certainly better than the 0-1 record reflected in the only box scores Ashwill has been able to find from 1945, in which two Harrisburg newspapers (the Telegraph and the Evening News) both reported on the July 7 game there when the Baltimore Elite Giants beat the Eagles, 13-6, with Peace going the distance and taking the loss.

Compounding the mystery somewhat, Peace was listed as one of the 1945 team’s “dependable flingers” on a pitching staff led by Don Newcombe but also including Lenier (sic) Hooker, Charles Roberts, James Hill, and Sidney Williams.”

He played Negro League Baseball from 1945-47 for the Eagles and played a few years into the early 1950’s in the integrated Minor Leagues.

Offered is this one of a king TYPE 1 photo, circa 1945 of  Peace in his Eagles uniform on the mound at the ballpark that measures 3.25” x 4.5” in size.  Although, the photo doesn’t identify Peace, we were able to discover his identity from a team photo. Derives from the estate of a former player.

SUPER rare and the only solo image of Warren Peace ever offered for sale.

NOTE - the small face shot is not included - as it is the image we used off a team photo to idenitfy Warren Peace


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Warren Peace Newark Eagles Negro League Baseball Original TYPE 1 photo