1956 Elvis & Liberace Duet in Las Vegas Original Type 1 Photo PSA/DNA LOA

From the Vintagenewsdaily web site, “On the surface, it seems unlikely that Elvis and Liberace would have had anything in common. They were born a generation apart. The latter catered to a conservative adult audience in the mid-fifties, while Elvis appealed to a youthful generation trying to escape the conformist world of their parents. Yet, through mutual respect, the two men, who were each savaged by the press for different reasons, were able to bridge the generational and cultural gaps between them.

This combination is surely enough to bring down upon us a mass epidemic of teenage swooning spells. Doing the double switch are Liberace, just back from a European tour, and Elvis Presley.

Liberace gave up his piano and gold sequined jacket to Presley for the latter’s guitar and striped sports coat in an impromptu jam session backstage after Liberace’s appearance at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas on November 16, 1956.”

Offered is a gorgeous 7” x  9” photo taken by the Las Vegas News Bureau Photographers from that special night (Liberace’s opening night in Vegas) and used in the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune.  We’ve attached a copy of the page from the newspaper it was used in.  Crystal clear shot of these musical legends!!!!

PSA/DNA designation of TYPE 1 photo LOA

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1956 Elvis & Liberace Duet in Las Vegas Original Type 1 Photo PSA/DNA LOA