1961-62 Hawaii Chiefs ABL basketball FULL TICKET – Ultra RARE

The American Basketball League played one full season, 1961–1962, and part of the next season until the league folded on December 31, 1962. The ABL was the first basketball league to have a three point shot for baskets scored far away from the goal. Other rules that set the league apart were a 30-second shooting clock and a wider free throw lane, 18 feet instead of the standard 12.

The Hawaii Chiefs were an American basketball team based in Honolulu, Hawaii (1961–62) and Long Beach, California (1962–63) that was a member of the American Basketball League. The team was known as the Hawaii Chiefs from 1961–62.  The Chiefs were owned by Art Kim who was later the owner of the Anaheim Amigos of the American Basketball Association. They finished 13–28 (1961–1962) and 16–8 (1962–1963) under coaches Red Rocha and Al Brightman. They started 10–0 in 1962–1963.

Offered is a super rare ticket issued by the Hawaii Chiefs for fans to buy ahead of time and exchange for tickets at game time.  Since there weren’t many people in the stands, they had to pack up and move to California.  This is a full ticket that was never used. Measures 5.5” x 2.5” in size and in nice shape.  Wow!!!!!

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Price: $295.00
1961-62 Hawaii Chiefs ABL basketball FULL TICKET – Ultra RARE