Baseball Hall of Famer George Wright (D. 1937) Signed AUTO document PSA/DNA LOA

George Wright (D. 1937) was an American pioneer in the sport of baseball. He played shortstop for the original Cincinnati Red Stockings, the first fully professional team, when he was the game's best player. In 1868, Wright won the Clipper Medal for being the best shortstop in baseball. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937. He was one of five men to play regularly for both the Cincinnati and the Boston Red Stockings, the latter winning six championships during his eight seasons to 1878. On April 22, 1876, he became the first batter in National League history, and grounded out to the shortstop. Elder brother Harry Wright managed both Red Stockings teams and made George his cornerstone; the brothers are now both in the Hall of Fame. George helped define the shortstop position and on-field teamwork, but his main work as a sporting developer came after retiring from baseball.

We offer a gorgeous document measuring 8 x 11.5 inches which is mounted on a larger piece of paper from the company’s record books. It’s dated February 14, 1924 and is titled as a “Waiver Of Notice Of Meeting” for a meeting of the directors of the Wright & Ditson Victor Co. George Wright’s signature adorns this document along with J.A. Addelman (west coast manager of Wright & Ditson), CB Whitney (brother of ballplayer’s Frank Whitney and Art Whitney and the founder of Victor Sporting Goods), W. Wallace Furze (d. 1958), and Helen O'Neil. Amazing and historical piece!!!

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Baseball Hall of Famer George Wright (D. 1937) Signed AUTO document PSA/DNA LOA