1939 College All Stars All-Americans football Program vs. New York Giants – Davey O’Brien - Luckman

CHICAGO, August 30, 1939 (U.P.)- Professional football returned to supremacy in the sixth annual All-Star game Wednesday night when the New York Giants, 1938 champions of the cash and carry ranks, played safety first tactics to score a 9-0 triumph over the All-Americans, coached by Elmer Layden of Notre Dame and picked by a vote of 10,000,000 fans.


Scorning the wild gambling methods of their own ranks, the Giants disappointed a crowd of 81,456 packed in Soldier Field for the first big football game of the 1939 season by playing safe and sane football which produced few thrills.


Three field goals represented the Giants' scoring. They had repeated scoring opportunities, but when the chips were down they refused to gamble for touchdowns and played it sale by settling for three points.


Ward Cuff, former Marquette halfback, who led the Giants to victory over the All-Stars in the New York game last September with two field goals, place kicked a field goal from the All-Stars' 34 yard line in the first 10 minutes of play.


Then Ken Strong, one-time New York U. star who had been blackballed by the National Professional league for three years for playing with an outlaw club, celebrated his return to good standing by kicking the other two field goals. Strong, who has batted around the pro league for 10 years and is well in his thirties, kicked one from the All-Stars 22 early in the second period and another from the All-Stars'

41 early in the fourth period.


The Giants missed two other attempts at field goals. Shortly after the game started they threatened and when the All-Americans, aided by a 15 yard holding penalty, stopped the Giants, Cuff dropped back to the All-Stars' 48 for an attempted field goal, which failed.


That the Giants were playing the game as close as possible to their vest to make certain the college boys didn't make it three straight victories over the pro champions was apparent throughout.


But, if there was any doubt about it, it was made certain in the third period after the Giants had driven to  the All-Americans' 2 yard line. On fourth down instead of trying for the touchdown, the Giants called on Cuff to try another field goal. He missed from the 10 yard line.


The All-Americans were outclassed throughout by a superbly condition pro team which played sound, conservative football. Only late in the game when Billy Patterson, Baylor's brilliant passer, came into the game did the crowd get any thrills. Patterson's passes twice carried the All-Americans into Giants' territory in the final period. Once the All-Americans penetrated to the Giants' 30 and again to the Giants' 22, both times being halted by intercepted passes.


Prior to the fourth period, the All-Stars passed mid-field only once- in the second period, when Bill Osmanski, Holy Cross fullback, and John Pingel, Michigan State halfback, led a march to the Giants’ 34 where an intercepted pass squelched the threat.


Osmanski's driving running made the only dent in the Giants stout defense, overland, while Pingel's passes fooled the Giants for awhile.


Layden, had a squad of 70 players at his disposal and paraded 43 of them into the game. Many of the highly publicized stars gave disappointing performances, only Osmanski showing any class at carrying the ball. Marshall Goldberg, Pitt's great back, played only a few minutes, however, because of an injured foot.


The Giants, with practically the same club which defeated the Green Bay Packers for the professional title last December, had the game under control throughout.


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1939 College All Stars All-Americans football Program vs. New York Giants – Davey O’Brien - Luckman