1940 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Pass – Rosey Rowswell 1st Broadcaster in History

Albert Kennedy Rowswell attached himself to his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates at a young age and grew up as one of the club’s biggest fans. After he achieved many a young boy’s dream by becoming the Pirates’ first radio broadcaster in 1936, Rowswell never lost that youthful exuberance and love for his favorite team.

Rowswell, affectionately nicknamed “Rosey” by his many fans, was a former secretary at Pittsburgh’s Third Presbyterian Church. He began his sports broadcast career by interviewing future Hall of Famers Max Carey, Bill McKechnie and Honus Wagner for a Red Cross fundraiser in 1922. The Pirates were one of the last teams to adopt radio, and gave Rowswell his shot at doing road games from ticker tape in 1936. By 1938, he was live on the scene at home games, a post he would joyfully serve in until his death.

Rowswell was the ultimate local favorite, and just like his listeners he was unabashed about his love for the Bucs. In 1925, well before he was hired to be their radio voice, the World Champion Pirates gave Roswell a gold watch and honored him as their number one fan. His passion only amplified later behind the mic, as Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis once told Rowswell, “Why, they tell me there are people living in Pittsburgh who don’t even know the names of the other seven teams in the National League.”

During Rowswell’s 18 years on the mic, the Pirates never approached a pennant, but you could hardly tell from his broadcasts. Players like Kiner, Arky Vaughn and Lloyd and Paul Waner were heroes through his voice; whether they ultimately won or lost didn’t seem to matter.

Offered is a very rare season pass made out to Rosey and his wife (this came out of Rosey Rowswell’s collection) for the 1940 season (the Bucs finished 78-76) in which the Pirates Rip Sewell, Al Lopez, Bob Elliott, Elbie Fletcher, Vince DiMaggio, Max Butcher, Ken Heintzelman, and HOF’er – Honus Wagner sat on the bench as one of the coaches.   Hall of Famer – Frankie Frisch was the team’s manager. Additionally, Hall of Fame brothers Lloyd and Paul Waner were on the roster.

This 4” x 2.5” pass admitted Rosey into the ballpark and has a facsimile signature on the front by William Benswanger (Owner, President and CEO of the Pirates from 1932-46). He was also the GM of the club and son-in-law of Barney Dreyfuss and took over the club upon Dreyfuss’ death.  1946 was Benswanger’s last year with the club, as the team was sold in August of 1946.

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1940 Pittsburgh Pirates Season Pass – Rosey Rowswell 1st Broadcaster in History