Judge Kenesaw Landis Typed letter Signed D.1944 Baseball HOF PSA/DNA

Kenesaw Mountain Landis (D. 1944) was an American jurist who served as a federal judge from 1905 to 1922 and as the first Commissioner of Baseball from 1920 until his death. He is remembered for his handling of the Black Sox scandal, in which he expelled eight members of the Chicago White Sox from organized baseball for conspiring to lose the 1919 World Series and repeatedly refused their reinstatement requests. His firm actions and iron rule over baseball in the near quarter-century of his commissionership are generally credited with restoring public confidence in the game.

Offered is a signed typed letter (8.5” x 11”) typed on Baseball stationary and dated September 28, 1938 to Detroit Tigers owner, Walter Briggs. Signed in black fountain pen. The letter is regarding a legal matter for pitcher, Boots Poffenberger who is considered one of the biggest characters in Major League history.

Landis writes, “Poffenberger had better scratch off his list the “friend” who enticed him into taking out the policy and giving what apparently was a judgement note.  I am afraid he will have a tough time “meeting the legal process.”

Interestingly enough, on the SABR website bio about Boots, there’s a story that reads, “Boots not only marched to the beat of a different drummer; he frequently heard an entirely different band. Indeed, he allegedly missed one game because he had been out late in a Chicago nightclub, having appointed himself conductor of the house orchestra.”

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Judge Kenesaw Landis Typed letter Signed D.1944 Baseball HOF PSA/DNA