1947 College Football All-Star Team signed Photo with 50 Plus Autographs & Game Program

This approximately 11" x 19 " photo of the 1947 College All-Stars Football team has been signed by more than 50 plus players and coaches. The College All-Stars played the Chicago Bears and won the game with 105,840 watching the game and beat the mighty pro’s by a score of 16-0. This piece is said to have derived from the collection of team member and long time NFL football player and coach, Alex Agase. He has been enshrined in the  College Football Hall Of Fame and was an All American in 1942, 1943 and 1946 and played professional Football and won 3 Championships. He had a long distinguished career In the NFL, AAFC, and in the college ranks as both a player and coach.

The photo is very clear and looks awesome. The photo has a tear bottom edge and has been taped on the back and has some aging and toning. The item has some creases and bends. Signatures rate approx. 6/7 out of 10 on average and the piece shows a touchof light toning and wear.  Not sure how many of these still exist and signed? Maybe a handful if that

This was taken by Burke and Dean. The story of Francis Burke is a fascinating one and is featured in the book Henry Yee co-authored with renowned collector Marshall Fogel, Khyber Oser and published by Mastronet (now Mastro Auctions) titled a "A Portrait of Baseball Photography". In short, Francis Burke was a photographer who shot many of the Chicago Cubs portraits and team photos from the 1910's throughout the 1920's. The story goes that in September of 1929, Manager Joe McCarthy and catcher Gabby Hartnett were looking for the team's previous photographer to shoot the National League Champion team photo for promotion of the team in the World Series. They remember the name "Burke" so they looked it up in a phone book and found the listing: "Studio Photographer - George C. Burke" whose office was near Wrigley Field and he agreed to take the photos (without ANY prior experience shooting baseball subjects). Francis Burke never took another Cubs photo and George C. Burke has became one of the most famous of all sports photographers. However, Francis Burke still was shooting football in the Chicago area until the late 30's. This photo included the first, second, third team, and honorable mention All-Americans. Only the players and coaches received these. I think they may have even had to buy them to get them autographed.

 Autographs on the photo include:  Heisman Trophy Winners and College FB HOFers, Glenn Davis (Army)

and Doc Blanchard (Army) along with Pro Football Hall of Famer Charlie Trippi (Georgia).

Other autographs include:  Buddy  Young (Illinois) D. 1983 -College Football HOF, Mike Harris (Miss State),

John Zilly (Notre Dame) D. 2009 Rams & Eagles, Thomas Hayes (Army), Arnold Tucker (Army) College

Football HOF, Ernie Case (UCLA) D.1995 Baltimore Colts, Russell Deal (Indiana) D.2001, Burr Baldwin

(UCLA) D.2007 LA Dons (AAFC), James Enos (Army), Bill Gray (Oregon State) D. 2011 Washington

Redskins, Fred Negus (Wisconsin) D. 2005 Chicago Rockets/Hornets and Bears, Tommy James (Ohio State)

D. 2005 Detroit Lions, Browns, and Colts, Victor Schwall (Northwestern) D. 2000 Chicago Cardinals, Jim

Mello (Notre Dame) D. 2006 Cardinals, Lions, and Rams, Bob Skoglund (Notre Dame) D. 1949 at the age of

23 SUPER RARE – played for the 1947 Green Bay Packers, Cecil Souders (Ohio State) Detroit Lions,

Broughton Williams (Florida) D.2011 Chicago Bears, Mac Wenskunas (Illinois) D. 1957 drafted by the Bears

And Chicago Rockets (AAFC), Ray Ramsey (Bradley) D. 2009 Chicago Rockets, Dodgers, Hornets, Cardinals

And CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats – also played in the BAA (basketball) for the Baltimore Bullets, John Perucca

(North Central), Julie Rykovich (Illinois) D. 1974 at age 51 (Buffalo Bills AAFC, Chicago Rockets AAFC,

Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins) Co-MVP of the 1947 Rose Bowl), Gene Roberts (Chatanooga) D.

2009 NY Giants, Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Rough Riders, Ben Raimondi (Indiana) NY Yankees (AAFC),

Ed Cody (Purdue) D. 1994 Green Bay Packers – Bears – also coached with the Raiders and Bears, Tommy

Mont (Maryland) D. 2012 Washington Redskins and later head coach at the U of Maryland, Edwin Scruggs

(Rice) D. 2000 Brooklyn Dodgers , Clarence Esser (Wisconsin) D. 2009 Chicago Cardinals, Bill Collins

(Texas) D. 1996 Boston Yanks, James Reed (Texas Tech), Ernest Knotts (Duke), Dick Barwegan (Purdue)

(D. 1966 at age 44) NY Yankees, Baltimore Colts, Chicago Bears 4 X Pro Bowl, Joe Kodba (Purdue) D.2005

Baltimore Colts, Gerald Cowhig (Notre Dame) D. 1995 LA Rams, Chicago Cardinals, Eagles, James Callanan

(USC) D. 2001, Monte Moncrief (Texas A&M), Leonard Dickey (Texas A&M) D. 1965 NY Yankees,

Tony Adamle (Ohio State) D. 2000 Cleveland Browns 2 X Pro Bowler, Horace Gillom (Nevada) D. 1985

Cleveland Browns, Ray Poole (Mississippi) D. 2008 NY Giants Montreal Alouettes,

Bruno Niedziela  (Iowa) D. 1962 Chicago Rockets, Joe Tereshinski (Georgia) D. 2013 Washington Redskins,

John Mastrangelo (Notre Dame) D. 1987 Steelers, NY Yankees, NY Giants, Shelton Biles (Army) D. 2004,

Weldon Humble (Rice) D. 1998 Cleveland Browns Dallas Texans (College Football HOF), Bill McPartland

(St. Mary’s), John Cannady (Indiana) D 2002 NY Giants, Willie Moore (Penn State) D. 2001 Pittsburgh

Steelers, Harold Tavzel (Army), Spot Collins (Texas) D. 1996 Boston Yanks,  and Herb

Johnston (asst. trainer),



Included is a Program from that very game signed on the cover by Heisman Trophy winner and College

Football HOFer, Glenn Davis.  Program has mild general handling and storage wear.




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1947 College Football All-Star Team signed Photo with 50 Plus Autographs & Game Program